In the last two years at Dandenong Valley SDS the students are said to be in the transition phase of their schooling.

The focus of the educational program is to provide the students with a wide, diverse range of programs that promote the development of their educational, social and vocational skills in preparation for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life.

i-Pad for learning

Where possible students are encouraged to make choices about their learning, to work independently, to plan and to prepare themselves for life situations and mixing with the broader community.

Community Access


Students undertake activities in the learning areas of:

Key Skills, Recreation and Leisure, Personal, Social and Health Education, Independent Living and Vocational Learning.

Activities are varied and take into account student needs, interests and abilities.

Bridge Award


Students in the transition program undertake Level one and two of the Bridge Award.

The Bridge Award is an accredited program offered through Awards Victoria that recognises the fantastic achievements, skills and personal growth of students.

This program has been in operation since 1981. Its main objective is to allow young people with a disability to achieve their personal best through a balanced program of activities.

It allows individuals to be exposed to new and exciting challenges, meet new people and engage with the environment.

The students are assisted to choose a program of activities according to their personal needs, aptitudes and the availability of resources.

The Bridge Award (specifically for young people with disabilities) was developed in conjunction with the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. 

Work Experience