The Transition Program


In the last two years at Dandenong Valley SDS the students are said to be in the transition phase of their schooling.


The focus of the educational program is to provide the students with a wide, diverse range of programs that promote the development of their educational, social and vocational skills in preparation for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life.

  • Transition is a 2 year program
  • Students all aged 16-18 years
  • An opportunity for students to work with peers of similar age
  • Shift from structured school environment to a school/ community learning environment
  • Focus less on the “me” and more on the “us."


Where possible students are encouraged to make choices about their learning, to work independently, to plan and to prepare themselves for life situations and mixing with the broader community.


What We Aim For



  • provide the students with a wide, diverse range of age appropriate learning experiences and promote the development of their educational, social and vocational skills in preparation for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life. 


  • To reflect the abilities and disabilities of the student population and acknowledge that every student is unique in terms of their characteristics, interests, abilities, motivation and learning needs.



  • To provide the students with opportunities to explore how learning is applied in school, home, community, work and recreational settings.





Programs undertaken in the following areas


  • Independent living ( meal preparation, gardening, travel training, community access)
  • Key skills (Functional literacy and numeracy, communication and ict)
  • Leisure and recreation (sport, camps, craft, swimming)
  • Work education (Waverley industries, work experience, volunteering)
  • Personal, social and health education (human relations, grooming, first aid)


All students work towards completing level one and two of the bridge award.



Duke of Edinburgh Award


Students will work towards the Bronze Award during their time in Transition.

The Duke of Edinburgh Award is an accredited program offered through Awards Victoria that recognises the fantastic achievements, skills and personal growth of students.


This program has been in operation since 1956. Its main objective is to allow young people achieve their personal best through a balanced program of activities.


It allows individuals to be exposed to new and exciting challenges, meet new people and engage with the environment.


The students are assisted to choose a program of activities according to their personal needs, aptitudes and the availability of resources.


For more about the Duke of Edinburgh Award, Click Here.





Community based


Community access


Travel training




Waverley industries


Belgrave fitness program




Inter school sports




Work experience


Camps –

Local, Country and Interstate

School based




Meals for one


Sensory Exploration




Volunteer work


Car washing








Garden Maintenance


School based








Exploring ICT








Around the world


First Aid


Human Body


Personal Safety


























Graduating group

  • Students Graduate at the end of the year that they turn 18
  • Families organise an NDIS package for their young adult
  • Families complete paper work and attend meetings to discuss options
  • Families visit available placements in the area
  • Students attend trial placements
  • Finalise choice by September  
  • Graduation ceremony in December.




Students attend a graduation ceremony at the completion of their final year. Families and significant others are invited to attend the ceremony and conclude with refreshments and personal photo opportunities. Students are presented with a small gift and a certificate for attending Dandenong Valley SDS. Video presentations of each individual are projected to commemorate the individual's time at Dandenong Valley SDS.