Junior Perceptual Motor-Program

PMP Program


P.M.P is a perceptual motor program for young children. The program is designed to give our students experiences by seeing, hearing, touching and reacting through sequenced activities. These are linked to success in their learning across all aspects of the curriculum.



All our junior students have two  sessions of P.M.P or a sensory motor program depending on student’s needs in our multipurpose room. Our large and small equipment can be used in many different ways to provide an interesting and fun   learning environment.



PMP Activities


Our main objectives are to improve gross and fine motor skills including balance, body and spatial awareness and eye hand and eye foot co-ordination. The program also develops language and memory skills. Students experience going through, over and under obstacles with a variety of sensory materials. Slides, planks, tunnels, ladders are all used as well as a selection of balancing, jumping and swinging equipment.



Music and Movement


Music and movement plays an important part reinforcing skills used throughout the program. Exercises to music develop body awareness, crossing the midline and balance. Other musical activities include  dancing  in a circle and with a partner and games with bean bags, scarves and rhythm sticks. We also have many fun times developing skills using the stretchy sensory ring, the lycra octo band and the parachute.