Interaction Programs


The Primary School Integration/inclusive Schooling Program was established with the following goals for students with severe and multiple disabilities aged 5 to 12 years: 

* To provide the students with age-appropriate behaviour role models;

*To provide opportunities for social interaction with non-disabled peers;

* To provide the opportunity for the students to gain an understanding of behavioural expectations in a broader community setting;

* To provide the opportunity for non-disabled students to gain some understanding of the nature of children with an intellectual disability;

* To provide the opportunity for the students to participate in activities as part of a larger group (turn taking, waiting patiently, respecting others’ rights etc.) while still providing the security and individualised attention of a small base group;

* To broaden the students’ experiences through participation in appropriate Primary School programs.  




The Primary School Interaction Program is conducted at Fountain Gate School.

Selected students attend the Primary School Interaction Program at least once a week. During this time, students access specialist programs such as  Sport, Library,  Art  and  classroom programs, while supported by a Dandenong Valley School staff member. Students are placed in age  appropriate  grades so that they have the opportunity to interact with their peers. The children also enjoy socialising  with the Primary School  children in the playground.  

This educational program conducted at the Primary School includes locational and social integration and some inclusive schooling.  According to the primary and specialist school staff and parents of children with disabilities this program is an outstanding success for all concerned.


SEDA Basketball Program:

Secondary Students from the SEDA College plan and deliver basketball coaching, training sessions and run games against other schools for our students during the Term 1 Interschool Basketball Program. The SEDA students provide social interaction and accomodate our students in teaching fundamental basketball skills. For more about the SEDA College, Click on the link below.