Horticulture Centre

The Horticulture Centre at Dandenong Valley SDS offers all students a wonderful outdoor classroom space that provides many opportunities for learning. Students can gain a range of learning experiences, from sensory stimulation to work skills.



Many aromatic and edible plants are growing in the centre, such as flowers, herbs, fruits and vegetables.



They provide visual appeal, offer tactile exploration, as well as stimulate the senses of smell and taste.



Students can learn a range of watering skills by using the water pump, water tanks, watering cans, hoses and trigger nozzles.




An old-style waterpump is connected to a water tank to provide a fun way in transferring water.



Citrus trees include oranges, limes, kefir limes and lemons. 




Plants harvested can be used for sensory exploration, craft, cooking and eating.





Communication opportunities are plentiful in the centre relating to horticulture.



These include; picture communication symbols, aided language displays, plant labels and individual symbols for picture exchange.



We have ample tools to learn a range of gardening skills from sweeping, digging, planting and raking.

One and two-wheeled wheelbarrows are available for all to use.



The centre has a wash up sink, potting table, soil bay, compost heap and many user-friendly raised garden beds. 





Other features such as garden seating, a picnic table, a small hanging bird bath and wind chimes add to overall serenity of the centre, to encourage all to learn.  








Photos after redevelopment for the original layout and to contrast the garden's growth.


hort centre 2

hort centre 1





Dandenong Valley SDS is a member of the Horticutural Therapy Association of Victoria (HTAV).


Click here to visit HTAV's Website.


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