Hydrotherapy Centre



hydroopen2The Dandenong Valley School and Community Hydrotherapy Centre was officially opened by the Honourable Jeff Kennett on 23rd June, 1998. From 2017 to early 2018, the pool was refurbished and upgraded with a modern look and a range of sensory elements to enhance the aquatic experience.


Our Hydrotherapy Centre provides an excellent environment for students to participate in the hydrotherapy program.  The water temperature is normally maintained at 34°. A variety of hydrotherapy equipment is available to assist students according to their needs in the pool.  Different kinds of pool toys are used to provide fun as well as exercise.







Steps and hoists are used to help students with various degrees of disability getting in to and out of the pool.  The full length pool side rail allows students to support themselves in the pool while exercising and provide a greater sense of confidence and independence.

Hydrotherapy is a practical and valuable treatment for children and young people with physical disabilities. It is often a major part of a physiotherapy program for our students.  

It permits them to move weakened muscle  more easily than on land and to exercise non-affected muscles without undue strain.  It encourages the children and young people towards greater effort and achievement.


Through the individual exercises and group activities in our specially heated pool, our children and young people are able to learn to control abnormal movement, to relax tight muscles, to control balance and to strengthen muscles. The hydrotherapy program provides sensory stimulation and helps to improve general circulation.


Students can learn about water safety, build competencies in language, social skills, develop co-operative behaviour and have real life dressing and undressing practice.


Students may also learn basic swimming strokes and perform lap swimming independently or with items such as pool noodles and kickboards. It is a recreational activity which provides fun and enjoyment for all.