Performing Arts

The Performing Arts program encompasses the curriculum areas of music, drama and dance.  Each class has one session per week which explores a variety of these curriculum areas. 



The sessions are structured to provide a routine and sense of consistency for students.  Students are exposed to and involved in music using voice and instruments. These include guitars, maracas, drums, xylophones and microphones for exploring sound and performing in front of an audience.





During drama sessions children learn to explore and express themselves in ways that allow them to practice using their emotions in a positive manner and encourage the use of their imagination in their drama. 


Dance is about freedom – the freedom to move their body and express how the music makes them feel. During dance we learn about how our bodies move and how we can dance in a safe way while performing in front of others. 


Performing Arts allows each student to explore the possibilities of music, dance and drama and is always a fun, engaging experience for all our students.