Sensory Studio

Our State of the art Sensory Studio was completed in 2009.


sensory room


It  is designed to be much more than a relaxation room.  It is intended to be used by all of our students and across the whole school.  It can be used for therapy, for learning (across the whole curriculum) and for relaxation and chilling out. 



The room is highly adaptable and can be changed to suit the needs of the students , and  for different themes and lessons.  Each class has their own tub in the cupboard where they can store their own sensory toys, UV paints, themed costumes or games.



Mainstream and special schools are utilising the concepts of sensory studios to support students learning and individual needs. 



We  utilise tools such as  the large video projection screen, the sound beam, colour change lighting and projection to create a fun and stimulating learning environment for the students outside the classroom.



Eg. the bubble tube can be used as a numeracy tool. You may sit with a child saying, "one, two, three, bubbles" and then, hand over hand, with the child touch the tube. You would then repeat this over and over again, not only reinforcing the communication and sensory stimulation, but also reinforcing lots of mathematical experimentation.