To provide specialised physiotherapy to students with physical impairments and to explore the individuals’ physical potential in order to develop their physical skills and competencies to their maximum.


In general, the aims of the physiotherapy program are to improve student’s mobility, posture, sitting balance, coordination, muscle strength, joint range, muscle flexibility, standing stability, walking skill and stairs management ability.



The physiotherapist will assess the students in conjunction with other members of the school paramedical team, the classroom teachers and the parents. Physiotherapy programs will then be set up to address individual students’ needs. The physiotherapy programs will be implemented and evaluated on a regular basis.





Students with physical disabilities often require special equipment to ensure that they are able to participate in everyday activities and to access the facilities at school. The physiotherapist assesses the needs for special equipment (e.g. leg splint, special chair, standing frame, walking aid and wheelchair) and makes recommendations for the manufacture and modification of equipment at school. There is also a continuous monitoring of all equipment to ensure that they continue to meet the changing needs of the students as they develop and grow.





Walking Aid & Standing Frame                                           

The physiotherapist at Dandenong Valley School also provides information to staff about back care, safe and effective transfer/lifting techniques, correct use of lifting devices, proper way of handling and positioning students with severe deformities, training and supervising school staff in the implementation of the therapy program.


Overall, the physiotherapist provides a unique resource of knowledge and support to the school staff and parents regarding the physical wellbeing of the students.