At Dandenong Valley SDS we run a camp program and involve as many students as we can, to provide them with new and different experiences away from home with their school peers.


The junior school camp is at Garfield North Outdoor Education Centre for 1 or 2 nights.


The middle and senior school camps run on a rotation with our high needs students on a two year cycle.


The middle school camp runs for 3 days and 2 nights. The students will visit Blackwood Special School Outdoor Education Centre and a beachside camp.


The senior school camp runs for 4 days and 3 nights. The students will visit an outdoor adventure camp and a mountain snow camp. The Monday of the camp week will involve teaching students to be more independent on camp with ensuring their belongings are at school and packed onto the bus.


Transition has a camp at Garfield North Outdoor Education Centre which is geared at students working on their independent living skills by planning and running the camp. The second Transition camp is run later in the year and is an experience camp which may be located in the city or interstate.


Bike education and bike camps are run twice a year, numbers permitting.  Term one is the Alpine Bike Camp which is based in the Myrtleford region and the term four camp is the Cheviot Bike Camp which is based in the Yea region. Students selected for this camps train at school and then participate in a gruelling 80kms of bike riding over 2 days with road crossings, long stretches through the fields and bush land and a range of uphill climbs and downhill slopes.


The camp program is an integral part of the Dandenong Valley curriculum and supports the achievement of two of our strategic plan goals which are the development of independence and communication skills.